Nisi filters is an international premier filter brand that is making their mark on the New Zealand photography market. They had recently established their Australian e-Commerce site and were ready to follow suit in New Zealand.


I worked in correspondence with Nisi to establish the initial prototypes for the New Zealand website.   



Rising Above

Guiding Principles


While Nisi wanted to establish its New Zealand brand it also required a coherent style throughout all its online stores. The following requirements were established:   


  • Establish a New Zealand brand. It must be apparent that this is the New Zealand e-commerce site while maintaining the Nisi brand.

  • Provide information. As Nisi is relatively new to the New Zealand market it is important that consumers are given the right information.

  • Increase revenue. Nisi currently generates all its revenue through photography stores. A New Zealand site will generate a substantial source of revenue through the online sales.




Solution and Results: 


The site uses a combination of strong visuals and informative copy. The images used, not only show the effectiveness of Nisi filters but the beauty of New Zealand.  Four main categories were created to sell, inform and establish a brand. The SHOP section gives users easy access to all Nisi products with New Zealand pricing and shipping. The NEW PRODUCTS section informs users of what's new to the market and the benefits these products bring. The COMPETITION section creates a community and user interaction, encouraging the use of the product while generating free advertising. Finally, the BLOGS section provides advice and recommendations from Nisi users. Each of these sections works to generate revenue, from both hard and soft sales, while establishing a strong brand. 





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